This Councillor ENDED LGBT indoctrination! w/ Councillor Steve Christou

Backbench Drivers Episode 18

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This week Matthew Fischer and John Lawson were joined by Cumberland Councilman Steve Christou to discuss his opposition to the radical drag queen storytime & Aboriginal grievance politics, we also touched on the ideological drivers of climate and immigration policy and the problem with our political class. Councilman Christou gave great advice to those looking to make a change through local government politics, having successfully won his election as a member of the Labor party and as an independent he had a lot of wisdom to offer.


  • Sky News: Cumberland City Councillor Steve Christou doubles down on stance to reject drag queen story time in his locality

  • Daily Mail: Cumberland City Councillor Steve Christou vows to dump welcome to country ceremonies if he's re-elected: 'Time to stop dividing the community'

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